Introduction & Overview

Tunghai University EMBA was founded in August 1999. It is the first EMBA established in the middle region of Taiwan. We have not only the most beautiful campus in Taiwan, but also the best quality teachers. Our teachers have both the requisite academic qualifications and practical, professional experiences in the business field. Tunghai University has established the ‘IBA’ for more than 20 years. Until now, we have already trained up countless business elites for a variety of industries. We encourage our EMBA teachers and students to have frequent contacts out of the classroom to share personal experiences and inspire each other. This interactive approach to teaching is the most attractive feature of our EMBA program that no other university can compare.

Globalization has created a new market dynamics and hence new competition. Entrepreneurs and executivescan no longer survive by relying on just one or a few business skills. Taking multiple perspectives and gaining diverse experiences are increasingly important. These are what we provide with our EMBA students. They learn not only new knowledge from the professors, but also from the professional experiences of their classmates. This is an effective way for students to strengthen their knowledge and skills. To facilitate communications among students, we group students according to their age and seniority. Each cohort of our EMBA students is divided into three groups. Group A admits students who are in top-level management positions of their organization and have at least 10 years of work experience. Group B is for students who are in first-levelmanagement positions and have at least 3 years of work experience. Group C admits students who are in middle-level management positions and have at least 7 years of work experience.

Tunghai EMBA Student Council is the most active EMBA student organization in the middle region of Taiwan. The Council organizes many activities regularly, including visits to both national and multinational corporations, get-together activities, and the setting up of ‘Hei-So’ Consulting Firm. These activities not only strengthen the ties among the students, but also enrich their professional learning experiences.

Our course plan is based on Knowledge Economy Trend of the 21st century. Anything that relates to finance & innovation, enterprise e-learning, marketing & innovation, and strategic planning are the core courses of our EMBA program.

EMBA cross-strait forum series

In recent years, we have collaborated with the EMBA programs of the Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-Sen University and Nanjing University. In the EMBA Cross-Strait Forum, managers from both sides of the strait can have direct conversations and the opportunity to develop business cooperation. Moreover, the Forum constitutes a cornerstone of the learning platform of each school and helps us outline the blueprint for further cooperation with these schools by highlighting the need to adjust for future economic and trading development. These resources enable the EMBA students from both sides of the strait to broaden their horizons and achieve the goal of mutual learning.

Regular overseas visits for broadening international and multicultural horizons

We periodically hold overseas (China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, etc.) company visits during summer vacation. The host companies we have visited include Haier of China, Asia, Master Kang, Giant, Want-want, Expo of Shanghai, Jabil Circuit of Malaysia - Green Point Enterprises, Motorola, etc. In the visits, students can broaden their horizons, gain insights into practical business issues, and integrate these insights with the textbook knolwedge they have acquired in their academic training.

Various Clubs and Activities

The Alumni Association of Tunghai EMBA was founded in 2005. The Tunghai EMBA is proud to have more than 800 living alumni who are leaders in every kind of business and industry in Taiwan. Alumni form an integral part of the Tunghai EMBA community. Alumni outstanding accomplishments continue to increase the value of the EMBA degree and strengthen the reputation of the entire Tunghai EMBA. The Alumni Association is dedicated to providing opportunities that continuously engage and connect alumni with the School and with each other. Many clubs have been established by EMBA alumni and current EMBA students, including golf, softball, bicycle,mountain climbing, running, and badminton clubs. In their leisure time, EMBA students attend these clubs to enhance physical well-being and mental health.

Cultivating Truly Outstanding Leaders

We look for candidates from a broad range of industries, functions, and backgrounds to maximize the diversities of our learning experiences. We provide knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools to improve our EMBA students’ leadership and competence. We prepare students for career success in the increasingly competitive global economy. The EMBA program at Tunghai University is set to help students create their future and become outstanding managers and leaders.